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We don’t say we do quality work… our customers say it, and AAA agrees with them!


For the past 23 years, Long’s Car Care Center has been the ONLY AAA approved auto repair shop in Woodinville. We make a promise of guaranteed service to every customer who pulls into our garage.

It’s simple; we’re a family owned business, and we maintain and repair your vehicle as if our own family members were driving it home.

Make the better choice for your vehicle needs!

Long’s Car Care Center offers full service automotive maintenance and repair for your car, truck, or classic vehicle using quality original equipment or equivalent parts and products. Yet it’s our people that really make the difference. All of our technicians are ASE certified.

We take the time to educate our customers on the best maintenance procedures resulting in fewer breakdowns or unexpected repairs. We maintain detailed records of your vehicle’s maintenance history and call you when it’s time for your next scheduled service. When your vehicle experiences a problem we strive to ensure you understand the problem, options for repairs and all associated costs. Plus, we warranty all of our work and parts with the 24 month/24,000 mile warranty!

We back up that promise with our Five-Star Service Philosophy:

  • Fix it Right
  • Deliver on Time
  • Give Accurate Quotes
  • Educate & Inform Customers
  • Guarantee Workmanship

It’s good to be trusted.

For routine maintenance or when something goes wrong, you deserve quality care for your vehicle. At Long’s Car Care Center we really do provide service worth repeating, but don’t take our word for it, check out what our customers have to say.Good to be Trusted

As a locally owned and operated business with a reputation we’ve worked hard to earn in our community, we aim to continually build trust with our customers by treating each and every person who visits our shop fairly and operate our business with integrity.  It is through these actions that our customers choose to keep returning, as well as send their friends and family to Long’s Car Care Center.

Recent Blog Posts


It’s the final week of Shocktober!!  If you need shocks and/or struts for your vehicle now is the time to get them and save some money!!  Buy 3 get the 4th one for FREE!!!  This only happens once a year, and time is running out.  So if you have over 75,000 miles on your vehicle, and you haven’t had them replaced..give us a call, we will get you in before the sale is over.


shocktober Long's Car Care Center 98072

Serpentine Belt

As  your serpentine belt age it can become cracked or develop glazing from age and heat. Serpentine belts run your alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, and in some instances your water pump. If this belt fails then everything it runs fails also. This will leave you without power steering, without a charge to the battery, and without coolant circulation which can overheat and damage the engine.  We check the health of your belt every time we see your vehicle.  We want to make sure that it is in good shape, so that you will not get stranded.


Did you fail your Emissions test?  If so we are a certified emissions repair facility.  Call for an appointment, and don’t forget to bring the paperwork from the emissions test facility.  We need to have that to sign off on, plus you will need to take our receipt back to the test facility to be able to get your tabs.  Whatever you choose to do, either have your vehicle repaired, or get a waiver we can help you out.



Air Filter

Sometimes a vehicle’s air filter just doesn’t get the respect that it deserves.  This filter is an important part of the vehicle’s intake system. It allows the engine to breathe without the threat of contamination.
Your engine needs a precise mixture of fuel and air in order to run efficiently.   The air enters the system through the air filter, which catches the dirt and other foreign particles, preventing them from entering the system and possibly damaging your engine. Changing your filter on a regular basis can have a significant impact on the engine life and performance.  Depending on where you live this could changing it out twice a year.  Everytime we see your vehicle we check on the health of your air filter, we want to make sure that it stays clean, so you  engine can run it’s best.






Are you the Parent of a young driver?  If so, please heed this little piece of advice.  At least every 6-8 weeks, drive the vehicle that your young driver is using, for a couple of reasons.  First, they love their freedom, and driving their vehicle, they don’t want to give it up for even 2 seconds, so they tend to ignore noises, check engine lights, etc, because they know this means, that they might have to be without their vehicle for a few hours.  Secondly, being a seasoned driver, you are going to notice things, that a newer driver wouldn’t realize could be a problem, like vibration when braking, little things like that, that they may think are normal.  I know this from experience, my daughter, who was raised in this industry, came home from college a few years back, I thought that her car sounded a bit louder than normal, so I asked her about it, and she said, “Nope everything is fine.”  The next morning as I am pulling out of our driveway, I look over and low and behold, there is her car, with the whole muffler missing.  This is when I realized she didn’t notice it, because of her music being played so loud.  She had NO idea!!  After that I would routinely check on her car, educating her on the importance of things I just assumed that she knew.  Now her friends all come to me with car questions, so much so, I have threatened to rename the shop “Mom’s Garage”.



Almost Over

Shocktober is almost over.  Just two remaining to buy 3 and get the 4th one FREE.  So if you haven’t replaced your shock and/or struts and you have over 75,000 miles on your vehicle now is a great time to save some money, and to get a better ride from your vehicle.  We love replacing shocks and struts, it’s really the only repair that we do that you FEEL when you leave.  Shocks and Struts wear out slowly over time, so you don’t even realize how bouncy the ride is, or that it is taking you longer to stop.  These are things that you will notice the minute you drive away after having them replace.  Give us a call for an appointment so that we can get you in before Shocktober is over!!



Stormy Weather

Well it looks like we are in for some Stormy Weather in the Pacific Northwest this weekend. Make sure your fuel tank is full, and that you have fuel for your generator, you made need it.  Try to park away from things that could fall or be blown over onto it, that kind of damage is never fun to deal with.  If you are going to be out in the weather make sure that your emergency kit is packed full and up to date.  Traffic could get ugly, and we don’t want to see you stuck out there without your safety and snack items.  Most of all enjoy the weather and be safe.


stormy weahter


How many keys do you have on your Key Ring?  Too many can cause the tumblers inside the ignition to wear, causing ignition switch issues, and/or failure.  Being able to take you vehicles off of your key ring, may be a good idea.




Seeing fluid spots on your driveway? We have several procedures to ensure we find the source the first time, from pressure tests to oil dyes. Give us a call and let our Technicians pinpoint the source and keep your car, and driveway in tip top condition.

Brakes Shake

“Why do my brakes shake” when I am slowing down? “Pulsation” or “Shaking” while braking may indicate an issue with your vehicle’s braking system. You should have the brakes, suspension and tires inspected to determine what the issue is. Something as simple as a sticking caliper or warped brake rotor may be the cause of this issue.
We would happy to inspect your vehicle, and we do this at no charge to you.  Just give us a call for an appointment, so that we can be sure to have a technician and a hoist available at a time that is convenient for you.