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We don’t say we do quality work… our customers say it, and AAA agrees with them!


For the past 23 years, Long’s Car Care Center has been the ONLY AAA approved auto repair shop in Woodinville. We make a promise of guaranteed service to every customer who pulls into our garage.

It’s simple; we’re a family owned business, and we maintain and repair your vehicle as if our own family members were driving it home.

Make the better choice for your vehicle needs!

Long’s Car Care Center offers full service automotive maintenance and repair for your car, truck, or classic vehicle using quality original equipment or equivalent parts and products. Yet it’s our people that really make the difference. All of our technicians are ASE certified.

We take the time to educate our customers on the best maintenance procedures resulting in fewer breakdowns or unexpected repairs. We maintain detailed records of your vehicle’s maintenance history and call you when it’s time for your next scheduled service. When your vehicle experiences a problem we strive to ensure you understand the problem, options for repairs and all associated costs. Plus, we warranty all of our work and parts with the 24 month/24,000 mile warranty!

We back up that promise with our Five-Star Service Philosophy:

  • Fix it Right
  • Deliver on Time
  • Give Accurate Quotes
  • Educate & Inform Customers
  • Guarantee Workmanship

It’s good to be trusted.

For routine maintenance or when something goes wrong, you deserve quality care for your vehicle. At Long’s Car Care Center we really do provide service worth repeating, but don’t take our word for it, check out what our customers have to say.Good to be Trusted

As a locally owned and operated business with a reputation we’ve worked hard to earn in our community, we aim to continually build trust with our customers by treating each and every person who visits our shop fairly and operate our business with integrity.  It is through these actions that our customers choose to keep returning, as well as send their friends and family to Long’s Car Care Center.

Recent Blog Posts

Used Cars

There are a ton of Used Cars out there.  Some good, some not so much, and some just plain unsafe.  If you are looking to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, please, please, please, get it inspected by a reliable shop.  It doesn’t matter who you are buying it from, get it checked out before any money exchanges hands.  We had a young lady come into the shop today, with a vehicle that she had purchased over the weekend from a friend.  She had only had it for a day, when the check engine light came on.  She brought it in and we inspected the whole vehicle.  It was a mess, mold inside the car, under the seats to start with.  Check engine light ended up being a cooling system issue involving the thermostat.  On this particular car, it was a big job.  The had flipped the tire around so that the bare, cord showing edges were on the inside.  The rear brakes were totally shot.  After putting the estimates together, the repair bill was more than she paid for the car.  Hopefully she will be able to get somewhere with the lot that sold her the car.  It was heartbreaking watching her realize what had happened…Don’t let this happen to you!!




Keeping up to date on the Maintenance needs of your vehicle is very important.  If your vehicle is properly maintained, it performs better, is less likely to break down, and will last a lot longer.  This saves you money on expensive repairs.  It also means that you can keep your car for a lot longer than the car payments last.  Vehicles are made to go 300-400 thousand miles these days.  We can help you make sure that you have your vehicle for as long as you it.  If you haven’t been to us before, drop on in and bring your maintenance records, and we will set you up on a plan that works for you.



Induction System Service

You may have heard of  an “induction system service” also referred to as “throttle body service”, and have been wondering what it is.   This is a valuable service that should be performed every 30,000 miles. Maintaining the induction system and throttle body will remove carbon buildup from the throttle plates and intake. This service will maintain the smooth operation of your vehicle and prevent expensive throttle body failures and running issues. Long’s Car Care Center uses BG products to service your induction system.  If you haven’t had this done, and have over 30,000 miles on your vehicle, give us a call for an appointment.



Cooling System

How often do I need to flush my cooling system? “Flushing the cooling system” at regular intervals is another one of these maintenance items that is often overlooked.
Coolant that stays in the engine block too long can cause a buildup of corrosion and scale that will eventually block the radiator or heater core.
Coolant also needs to be PH neutral so not to be too alkaline or acidic and attack any metal in the engine. Coolant also lubricates the water pump.  This is why we recommend you flush your vehicle’s cooling every 30,000 miles.  This will keep the system clean  and healthy.
See us for any maintenance needs on your vehicle, or give us a call, we would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.




Thanksgiving is just around the corner!  Are you planning on a road trip to visit friends or relatives?  If so, NOW is the time to get your vehicle into our shop so that we can do a FREE Road Trip Inspection.  With all of the snow we just got up in the mountains, we want to make sure you will not get stranded.  We will check the belts, hoses, fluids, brakes, shocks, struts, cooling system, and all of your filters, so that you can rest easy knowing that you and your loved ones will get to your destination worry free.   We want you to have a safe and fun holiday weekend, we don’t want you to end up like the guys in this picture!





Throwback Thursday

For this Throwback Thursday we wanted to remind you how much we LOVE to work on Classic Cars.  We have a special spot in our shop reserved just for them.  Randy has been working on Classics for years, as it is his passion.  We take great care to communicate with you, so that we are all on the same page and know just what you expect from us, and your timeline.  So if you have a Classic that is in some need of some TLC, Long’s Car Care Center is where you need to be.



Holiday Season

With the Holiday season  fast approaching,  you don’t want to get stranded by a vehicle that is not ready to make all of your road trips. Whether you are making a quick trip to the grocery store, heading out to Christmas shop, or taking a trip to visit family and friends, you want to be able to get in and go.  Now is the time to bring your vehicle in for a free Health Assessment.  Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle to make sure everything is in tip top shape.  Better to be safe, than stranded.  Give us a call and we will get you in as quickly as possible.



We are so very proud to announce that we are now a part of the Parts and Services program at Costco!!!  Costco wrote us a letter asking if we would be interested in being the one and only Independant shop in our area to represent their program.  After I picked myself up off the floor, I called and said “Of course, we would be delighted.”  What this means is that Costco members can go online, enter their vehicle information, and search for a shop, and in this area we will be the one that pops up.  To have Costco reach out to us, was beyond flattering.  They let me know that they are very particular in their choosing of shops to be part of this program.  They want to make sure that the shops have a good standing in the community, do good business, and have been around for a while.  We went live Monday morning, and within 45 minutes we had our first call.  We couldn’t be happier to have our business associated with a company as great as Costco.




Are you looking for a local automotive repair and maintenance shop to take your vehicles to?  If so we would love to be that shop.  We have been in Woodinville for 30 years.  We are family owned and operated, plus we are the only AAA shop in town.  We are also state certified to do emissions repair.  We welcome you to come by our shop and meet us, our staff, and see our facility.  We treat our customers with the utmost respect, we know how important your vehicles are to you, and treat them as such.  So next time you are in the area, drop on in, we would love to meet you.


Longs Car Care Center

Thank you

I want to start off the month of November by say “Thank-You” to all of our loyal customers.  We so appreciate your business.  The fact that you trust us with the care of your vehicles means the work to us.  We have so many new customers, it is such a joy to meet you and get to know you and your families.  We do this because we love it.  We do this because we truly do care about You and your vehicles.  This is the month of Thanks, so we wanted to be sure that every one of you realized how much we truly appreciate you business, and your friendship!!