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We don’t say we do quality work… our customers say it, and AAA agrees with them!


For the past 23 years, Long’s Car Care Center has been the ONLY AAA approved auto repair shop in Woodinville. We make a promise of guaranteed service to every customer who pulls into our garage.

It’s simple; we’re a family owned business, and we maintain and repair your vehicle as if our own family members were driving it home.

Make the better choice for your vehicle needs!

Long’s Car Care Center offers full service automotive maintenance and repair for your car, truck, or classic vehicle using quality original equipment or equivalent parts and products. Yet it’s our people that really make the difference. All of our technicians are ASE certified.

We take the time to educate our customers on the best maintenance procedures resulting in fewer breakdowns or unexpected repairs. We maintain detailed records of your vehicle’s maintenance history and call you when it’s time for your next scheduled service. When your vehicle experiences a problem we strive to ensure you understand the problem, options for repairs and all associated costs. Plus, we warranty all of our work and parts with the 24 month/24,000 mile warranty!

We back up that promise with our Five-Star Service Philosophy:

  • Fix it Right
  • Deliver on Time
  • Give Accurate Quotes
  • Educate & Inform Customers
  • Guarantee Workmanship

It’s good to be trusted.

For routine maintenance or when something goes wrong, you deserve quality care for your vehicle. At Long’s Car Care Center we really do provide service worth repeating, but don’t take our word for it, check out what our customers have to say.Good to be Trusted

As a locally owned and operated business with a reputation we’ve worked hard to earn in our community, we aim to continually build trust with our customers by treating each and every person who visits our shop fairly and operate our business with integrity.  It is through these actions that our customers choose to keep returning, as well as send their friends and family to Long’s Car Care Center.

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The Right Shop

It is so important to find The Right Shop for you!!  Building a relationship with ONE repair facility allows the technicians who service your vehicle to learn YOUR vehicle.  Also the Service Manager can assist you based on YOUR personal preferences and needs.  This insures you will have a simple and pleasant experience every time you visit THE RIGHT SHOP!


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Customers quite frequently ask why Vehicle Maintenance is important?  If you want to keep your vehicle for any length of time keeping it maintained is of the up most importance.  It really important to educate young drivers about this.  I know from personal experience.  In 1976 I bought a brand new Toyota Corolla.  I love that car.  I drove it everywhere…I was just 20 years old, and no one had ever talked to me about how to care for the car.  I think my dad just thought I knew. Back then gas stations were full service, so I figured if it needed anything someone tell me.  After about 6 month self serve stations started opening..and I started going to them…they were cool.  So three years go by…I make my final car payment, and three days later I am driving down I-5 and here a loud bang..and my car STOPS running.  A police officer stops, and calls a tow truck.  He tows me to the nearest dealership.  I call my dad, he comes to my rescue.  About this time the technician comes out from the back of the shop with a dixie cup full of what looks like tar, and tells us that is my engine oil.  The look on my dad’s face was priceless..I was like so..isn’t that what it’s supposed to look like???  My dad looks at me and asks when the last time was I had changed my oil…I said I didn’t know I was supposed to!!!  Well that was the end of that car..threw a rod right through the engine.  Lesson learned.  Back then we didn’t have Jiffy Lubes etc…there weren’t commercials about oil changes.  I realize things are different now..but we still need to educate and make sure that all drivers understand the importance of Maintenance.


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Transmission Fluid Flush

Why do you need to do a Transmission Fluid Flush?  Because transmission fluid is constantly exposed to heat, friction, electrochemical degradation and it breaks down over time losing it viscosity and lubricating properties.  Vital parts of your car’s transmission can become clogged with sludge and varnish deposits.  90% of transmission failures are caused by overheating and contaminated fluid according to the Automotive Transmission Builder’s Association.

A Transmission Fluid Flush:

Improves hard shifting, chattering and slipping

Provides cooler operation

Reconditions seals and extends the transmissions life

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Power Steering Fluid

When Power Steering Fluid is new, it is generally a translucent red but turns dark with age and heat.  Normal driving ultimately causes power steering fluid to be affected by heat, friction and electrochemical degradation.  Hard turns create high pressures and can cause more damage to the fluid.  Power Steering  problems contributed to contaminated fluid can include leaks, steering noises, stiff steering or hard turning after you first start your car.  Dark power steering fluid will also cause premature wear on your power steering components.

We recommend having a power steering flush done every 30,000 miles / 3 years.

This flush will:

Alleviate steering squeal caused by sticking valves

Corrects that “Jerky” feeling in the steering wheel

Helps prevent fluid leaks

Reduces wear


We keep track of your maintenance needs for you when you are our customer, so that you don’t have to worry about it.


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Engine Coolant

The engine coolant in your vehicle needs to be flushed regularly because it loses its effectiveness to lubricate the water pump and other important coolant system components.  New coolant will also help reduce foam and rust throughout the coolant system.  Over time your coolant may not be capable of properly cooling your engine because of its pH level, Glycol % and clarity.  We recommend flushing your cooling system every 30,000 miles.  We also check the pH level everything we see your vehicle.


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Brake Fluid Flush

How often should you have a Brake Fluid Flush preformed on you vehicle?  Every 30 thousand miles.  Brake fluid requires regular service because it is hygroscopic – that means that it naturally absorbs moisture.  That moisture lowers the boiling point of the brake fluid.  When brake fluid boils, vapor or air bubbles are released into your brake system.  Since vapor and air compress the result could lead to a feeling of a “soft” brake pedal or no firmness in the brake pedal at all.

At Long’s we check the moisture level of your brake fluid every time you come in.  If you haven’t been a long time customer and don’t know when the last time you had this done, we will check the fluid for you.  If you are over 30,000 miles we are going to recommend that we do a brake flush, just to be on the safe side.

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Induction Service

Your car needs an induction service every 30,000 miles / 3 years.  Why?  Well the newer vehicles are being built with smaller tolerances and less room for carbon build-ups and varnish therefore: when an engine reaches 30,000 miles, 15% of the engines efficiency is lost due to carbon build-up.  At 60,000 miles it loses another 15% and ot 90,000 yet another 15%.  This means that at 90,000 miles your vehicle has lost almost half of it’s efficiency.  Dirt, varnish and carbon deposits from the fuel system on the intake valves and in the combustion chamber areas of all vehicles.  If left untreated these build ups can reduce performance, mileage and power – and can lead to costly engine repairs.

This service:  Reduces emissions / Restores Horsepower / Increases and Maintains Fuel Economy / Cleans Fuel Injectors

If you haven’t had this service done in the last 30,000 miles, please give us a call, and we will get you in and get your vehicle running great again.

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A/C not blowing hard enough

Do you ever  wonder your A/C isn’t blowing hard enough.  Well if your car is equipped with a cabin air filter, and it hasn’t been replaced in a while there is a chance it could be clogged and causing this issue.  Here’s an example of what a filter that wasn’t changed for 60k miles looks like.  We will be happy to check your filter and replace it if need be.  Also if the filter is clean, and isn’t causing the problem we will be able to diagnose the issue and have your A/C blowing nice cool air again in no time.


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Hot Weather

We are having unseasonably Hot Weather in the Seattle area this week.  Please, Please…I know we love our pets, and we like to take them everywhere with us, but Please don’t leave them in your car in this weather.  Horrible things can happen very quickly!!  If you can’t keep them safe, please leave them at home.


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Failed Emissions Test

Have you Failed you Emissions Test?  If so we wanted you to know that we are a state certified emissions repair facility.  Our Technicians are all certified to do emissions diagnostics and repair.  So if you fail, just give us a call, and we will get you in and get that repair done in a jiffy.

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