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We don’t say we do quality work… our customers say it, and AAA agrees with them!


For the past 23 years, Long’s Car Care Center has been the ONLY AAA approved auto repair shop in Woodinville. We make a promise of guaranteed service to every customer who pulls into our garage.

It’s simple; we’re a family owned business, and we maintain and repair your vehicle as if our own family members were driving it home.

Make the better choice for your vehicle needs!

Long’s Car Care Center offers full service automotive maintenance and repair for your car, truck, or classic vehicle using quality original equipment or equivalent parts and products. Yet it’s our people that really make the difference. All of our technicians are ASE certified.

We take the time to educate our customers on the best maintenance procedures resulting in fewer breakdowns or unexpected repairs. We maintain detailed records of your vehicle’s maintenance history and call you when it’s time for your next scheduled service. When your vehicle experiences a problem we strive to ensure you understand the problem, options for repairs and all associated costs. Plus, we warranty all of our work and parts with the 24 month/24,000 mile warranty!

We back up that promise with our Five-Star Service Philosophy:

  • Fix it Right
  • Deliver on Time
  • Give Accurate Quotes
  • Educate & Inform Customers
  • Guarantee Workmanship

It’s good to be trusted.

For routine maintenance or when something goes wrong, you deserve quality care for your vehicle. At Long’s Car Care Center we really do provide service worth repeating, but don’t take our word for it, check out what our customers have to say.Good to be Trusted

As a locally owned and operated business with a reputation we’ve worked hard to earn in our community, we aim to continually build trust with our customers by treating each and every person who visits our shop fairly and operate our business with integrity.  It is through these actions that our customers choose to keep returning, as well as send their friends and family to Long’s Car Care Center.

Recent Blog Posts

Friday The 13th

Did Friday the 13th pick on you?  Did your check engine light come on in your vehicle?  Did your heater stop working?  Did your brakes start making a funny sound?  Did your belt start squealing?  Did your vehicle start running rough?  If any of these things happened to you today, you are not alone.  These were issues 5 of our customers had today.  They brought their vehicles in, we found the problems, repaired them, and now they are on their way to enjoy the rest of the day and a worry free weekend.  We pride ourselves on being able to diagnose issues very quickly so that we can put your mind at ease.  Plus our parts suppliers are close and quick to get parts to us, so that we can get to the repair as soon as possible.  We know how important your vehicle, and time are to you, so we like to do the quickest turn around as possible.  So if Friday the 13th picks on you, come and see us!!


Don’t Drip and Drive

We are proud to be participating in the Don’t Drip and Drive program in our state.  It is being supported by the Washington Department of Ecology.  What this means for you as the customer, is that we will provide you a FREE visual leak inspection, plus if we do find a leak, you get 10% off your leak repairs.  (up to a $50.00 discount). Leaking fluids of any type are not good for your vehicle.  Fluids can get on belts, brake pads, exhaust and really interfere with their performance, which can make for even more costly repairs.   So if you are noticing spots or puddles of some type of fluid or liquid on your driveway or garage floor, come in for your FREE inspection, and let’s stop that Drip!!



So as a business owner are you active on your community’s Facebook page?  If not you should be.  I joined our neighborhoods Facebook page a while ago, and I am so glad I did.  If I hadn’t been a member I never would have seen the post below.  We wouldn’t have known about her situation, and we wouldn’t have been able to help her.  As it turned out this simple cry for help, touched our whole community.  The responses were amazing.  Through giving back to our community, we have seen our business grow and flourish.  Doing the right thing…helping those in need, being active in your community will come back to you two fold.  I know, I have seen it happen with my own eyes.

The following post was posted on our neighborhoods Facebook page.  I hope you take the time to read it.  I have told Julie, how proud I am of her to have the courage to ask for help, especially on social media, where people can sometimes be mean.  Her asking for help, and us being able to help her touched so many people…it really brought people together, made us stronger.

So huge ask. I asked on my group but really unsure if it is going to happen. I am a single mom on a very small budget as my youngest son has cystic fibrosis so I don’t work as he gets sick often and I don’t have any help to care for him. My van broke down on the side of the road and have no idea what is wrong with it. I have no clue how I will afford to get it fixed but right now just trying to get it towed to the shop. Does anyone have roadside assistance that could maybe help me get it towed? or even come look at my car? Thankyou and Merry Christmas

Julie Pygott
Julie Pygott It is on the side of the road off Woodinville Drive.
Michelle Michaelson Long
Michelle Michaelson Long Julie Pygott if you can wait till tomorrow, I can have it towed to my shop by the towing company that we use “Quality Towing” they will bill me, we can look at your van and go from there. I own Long’s Car Care Center. We can work out the $ after we see what is wrong.
Michelle Michaelson Long

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Brian Harden
Brian Harden I might be able to help with some troubleshooting. What happens when you turn the key? No click or starter noise? Or do you get startup sounds but the engine doesn’t turn over?
Julie Pygott
Julie Pygott Start up sounds but won’t turn over. Happened tuesday am for the first deep freeze. Went and started it, warmed it up. Pulled out of my apt complex and died. Coasted to the side of the road and won’t restart. Last night when I walked out to it for a second thought it was going to turn over but nooo.
Brian Harden
 Brian Harden I could swing by and take a look at it if you’d like. I’ve been working on cars my whole life and am pretty good with a wrench. Alternately, you could just take Michelle Michaelson Long up on her very generous offer. Your call.
Michelle Michaelson Long
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 Rebecca Ramsey Gerhardt
Rebecca Ramsey Gerhardt I have AAA. I will help you get it towed. PM me.
Rana Clarke
 Rana Clarke What an amazing community! People coming to help. Beautiful. Best of luck Julie. You were smart to reach out, people want to help. Do you need groceries or medication pick up to get you through?
Julie Pygott
 Julie Pygott No, Thankyou so much for asking tho.
Rana Clarke
 Rana Clarke well best of luck. I am a nurse, I understand how Complicated CF is.
Michelle Michaelson Long
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 Lisa Schmiedeskamp Michelle Michaelson Long…. my daughters 1994 Toyota Camry has been acting a little weird lately. I’m looking for a mechanic to do some basic work like spark plugs and such. Your generosity to the community shows me you guys are a company we can trust. We will be visiting you tomorrow.
 Stephanie D’arcy-Penoyer Long’s is the best..they did a great job for my son’s truck awhile back..
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 Deborah Poarch wowowowow. Love this place.
 Michele Siefkas I love this community. This made me cry.
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Heather Zindel Wow! Okay, can everyone please tell 3 friends about Long’s Car Care Center for offering to do this! What an awesome community and testament to the wonder of small business. Thank you Michelle.
Julie Reese Heather Zindel here’s the link to share; http://longscarcarecenter.com

We don’t say we do quality work… our customers say it, and AAA agrees with them!
Donna Hoagland Wagner With so many choices for automotive care it’s hard to know who to choose….not any more. Next service will definitely be with Longs.
Gerriann Reko Cedar Park Church in Bothell has a Mechanics Ministry. Although I don’t think they tow, they do free work at certain times.
Julie Pygott
Julie Pygott When I called them a while ago they do it at a reduced rate.
Michelle Michaelson Long
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Julie Pygott
Julie Pygott THank you for letting me know tho
Michelle Michaelson Long
Michelle Michaelson Long I am in tears right now…..I cannot say who…but you have a secret Santa. This person contacted me saying they would pay your bill. This is such an amazing community of caring people! We will get you back on the road in no time! Merry Christmas to you all!
Lisa Schmiedeskamp
Lisa Schmiedeskamp You got us all crying now
Michelle Michaelson Long
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Joanne Greco
Joanne Greco Did the car get towed? I have AAA
Lisa Rose Williams
Lisa Rose Williams I don’t thing AAA will tow another car. When I was in an accident I wanted to use my AAA to tow the others car and they would not. Only mine.
Nicole Holmes
Nicole Holmes They will if you are with the car. One car
Melissa Tolle-Peacock
Melissa Tolle-Peacock You just tell them you are with the car!! Doesn’t have to be yours.
Michelle Michaelson Long
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Donnedda Moore
Donnedda Moore Made me cry too. We have 5 cars, two driven by teenagers, and will using Longs for our next situation. Good Luck Julie.
Donnedda Moore
Donnedda Moore And to the person paying the bill, Thanks.
Denise Allison
Denise Allison What an amazing community!!
Jack Barker
Jack Barker Does anyone know if Longs does just simple oil/filter changes? After reading this, I would like to bring my business there. What a heart warming, generous company..
Michelle Michaelson Long

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Cabin Air Filter

People ask all the time, “Why do I need to replace my cabin air filter?”.  The answer is because it is what filters the air that you breathe inside your vehicle.  Have you ever looked at your furnace filter inside your home?  When it gets dirty, you clean it right?  The one in your home, usually just gets black from dust etc.  Well the one in you vehicle can get down right filthy with dirt, and leaves, twigs..and even rodents!!  Yes rodents, they love to get in there and chew and tear, and build nests.  So…if you want to breath nice clean air in you vehicle, you really should have you cabin air filter changed on a regular basis.  Here at Long’s we check your filter every time we see your vehicle, to make sure it is clean, and that you don’t have an wanted “guest” living in there.


New Year

Yes it is a New Year!!  Time to make sure all of your vehicles maintenance is up to date.  Most fluids should be changed every 30,000 miles.  Shocks and Struts every 75,000 miles.  Oil changes (depending on the type of oil) 3,000, 6,000, or 10,000 miles.  If you need help figuring out what your vehicles needs are, just bring in your records and we will figure it out for you.  We wish all a happy and safe new year!!



The winter weather is supposed to be hitting us hard this coming week.  If you are having heater issues, now is the time to get into the shop, so that we can diagnose the issue, and keep you warm.  Nothing is worse than not having a good heating system when your vehicle is frozen.  We can repair whatever the issue is so that you can defrost your vehicle, be able to see where you are going, and be warm and safe.


Gift Idea

We have a great last minute gift idea for anyone in your family that has a car.  A gift certificate for whatever amount you would like, to cover an oil change, or maybe they have been saving up for some needed repairs.  Just drop on by and we will get that for you quick as a bunny, and you can be a hero!!


Colder than Normal

It is going to be colder than normal in our area this winter, so we highly recommend bringing your vehicles in for a FREE wintertime inspection.  We will check all of your fluids, you cooling system, heater, belts, hoses, and you battery.  Cold weather really beats up on these components, and we want to make sure that everything is in good shape so that you don’t get stranded in these frigid temperatures.  Give us a call for an appointment and we will get you in as soon as possible.  See you soon!coldweather-longs-car-care-center-98072


Having a hard time seeing even when you headlights are on at night?  Are they all fogged over?  We can make them look like brand new again, and you will be able to see where you are going!!  Give us a call for an appointment and we will buff those headlight lenses for you, honestly they will look brand new!!




A few weeks ago I joined the neighborhood Facebook page for the area that our shop is in.  I am a member of the neighborhood page for where we live, but I thought it might be a good idea to join the page for where our shop is located.  I am so glad I did.  The first time I posted it was concerning a homeless young man, and I was reaching out to the community to see if anyone knew him, or was missing him.  The response was unbelievable.  Everyone wanted to help, a very nice lady even stopped by and dropped off a backpack full of clothing, food, water and other supplies.  I was overwhelmed.  The next time I posted, it was because we had customers that were way overdue to pick up their vehicle.  They are elderly, had gone on a vacation, and had told us the date they would pick it up.  Well that day came and went, we called and texted numerous times, with no response.  So I posted asking if anyone knew them, and if so were they alright?  Again the response was overwhelming.  One gal even called the shop and suggested I call the non emergency police number and have them do a wellness check.  Which I did, the police contacted them, and thankfully they were okay, and had just gotten home.  Seems they had just extended their vacation by a few days.

Yesterday a lady posted that she needed help with her van, as it wouldn’t start.  She was a single mom of two boys, one with special needs, and a very limited budget.  I responded to her letting her know that if she could wait a day, we could have the vehicle towed to our shop and see what is going on with it.  She was so very thankful, I was happy that we could help.  Not more than 5 min later I get a message from a long time customer that is also on that page, saying he wants to be her Secret Santa…I was overwhelmed, as this gentleman had just lost his wife to cancer a week ago.  I messaged him back telling him, that I was crying, and that with everything he had just gone through, this was over the top.  He said it made him happy to be able to help, he wanted to be her Secret Santa.  I had spoken with her on the phone, and I could tell by her voice that she was stressed out about the money, being on disability her income is quite low.  So I posted that she didn’t have to worry about anything at all, as she had a Secret Santa, her bill was covered.  The response was out of this world.  The posts from strangers, thanking me and the Secret Santa, were overwhelming to say the least.  I was in tears for most of the day.  I told her that I was so glad that she had the courage to ask for the help she needed, and that by doing so, it had touched so many lives, and had made so many people feel good (over 100 views).  I was so glad that we were in a position to help her, so happy for her Secret Santa, that he gets to do something to make himself happy. The comments for the people in the community were amazing.

In doing these three posts it also let people see that even though we don’t live here, we do care about the people that do.  It gave them insight to who we are and how we do business.  We had a new customer today, because of these posts.  Although business was the last thing on my mind when I made these posts, as one person posted “I will be bringing our vehicles to Long’s from now on, what goes around comes around”.  I will continue to be active and show that we truly care, in doing so we will build trust, and relationships with the people that are in this community, which in turn will help our business grow from the heart, which is how it should be.  I am so very grateful to be in this position, to help those that need it, and to meet more and more of the kind and compassionate people that live here.