Horse Trailers

Most of us are pretty good at doing regular maintenance on our vehicles but when it comes to the horse trailers, or other trailers we use, the story gets to be little different.

Just because there isn’t an engine to change the oil in doesn’t mean it doesn’t need regular attention.  Trailer brakes are not self-adjusting so to keep them effective they need to be adjusted and tested at least yearly.  Wheel bearings are usually lubed at that time  Because they sit so much the lights often get corroded from moisture, if allowed to go for too long the socket holding the bulb will fall apart making for a much more expensive repair.  Horse trailer floors get severe use, not just from the weight of the horses, but also from the “foreign objects” deposited by the horses.  Inspection of the floors is critical.  An overall inspection of doors, hinges and latches help to keep things where you put them.  We know how much you love your horses so let’s keep them riding in comfort and safety.

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