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Unique Christmas Gift.

Are you looking for a unique Christmas gift, for that hard to buy for person in your life.  We have just what you are looking for…Life Time Oil Changes.  Drop on into the shop, we will need to know the year make and model of the special person vehicle, we can then give you the cost of this amazing gift.  For the rest of this special person’s life they will only pay a $5.00 fee (to cover disposal costs) for every oil change for the rest of THEIR life.  If this person purchases a different vehicle, they only have to pay the difference in the package is there is one.  For example, let’s say the vehicle they drive now take 4 quarts of oil, and a regular filter, and they decide to buy a vehicle that requires full synthetic oil, and a special filter, we would figure out the difference in the packages, and they would just pay that.  This package also include free reminders!  So if you know someone that is really busy, and has a lot on their plate, and might upon occasion forget to change the oil in their vehicle this would be the perfect gift for them.