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Buying a used car in Woodinville

Do you live in Woodinville and are you planning on buying a used car?  If so, please get a pre-buyer’s inspection done, either at our shop, or another shop you trust.  In the next few month, we are going to be seeing a lot of cars that have been damaged in the Hurricanes down south.  This happens whenever there is a bad storm, the vehicles end up all over the country.  They get detailed and look great, but the damage is there, and you need a professional to look at it, before you purchase it. So please give us a call 425-481-1739 and we will be happy to do the inspection for you!


How much does a pre-buyers inspection cost?

Are you thinking about buying a used car, and are wondering how much a pre-buyers inspection is going to cost?  Sometimes, they are free!!  If we notice a huge issue on the test drive, or when we put it up in the air, we are going to stop the inspection, and speak with you about our concerns.  If you don’t want us to continue we will stop, and there will be no charge.  Some inspections take longer than others, say on a large truck with dual wheels, vs a small sedan.  The best thing for you to do, is once you find the vehicle that you would like to purchase, give us a call for an appointment, and with the needed information we will be able to give you the cost.  Happy Hunting…and please make sure that no matter where or whom you are looking to purchase a vehicle from, ALWAY get inspected before any money exchanges hands.



Christmas is just around the corner, are you contemplating buying a used vehicle as a present?  If so, please allow enough time to bring it in for a pre-buyer’s inspection.  You want to know exactly what your giving.  It might look nice and shiney on the outside, and still be a lump of coal.  These inspections are very thorough, and will allow you to make a educated decision on whether it is the vehicle you want to purchase.  Happy Shopping!!  Hope you find the perfect present!!




Buying a Used Vehicle

Are you thinking about buying a used vehicle?  If so, please be careful.  Yes there are some great used cars out there for great prices.  But buyer beware…sellers can be pretty tricky when they want to be.  I used to know a detailer that worked for used car lots…it was amazing the things he could cover up, rust spots, remove mold, and the smell…when he got done they looked like new.  So you can’t always tell a book by it’s cover.  We have seen cars that have been underwater…they only way we knew is buy find a bit of sand on the underside of the car on the frame…places you wouldn’t normally have access to.  Also, if a check engine light is on, some people will disconnect the battery so the light will go off.  Unfortunatly for the unknowing buyer, the vehicle needs to be driven a bit for the light to come back on.  So for example, let’s say the seller knows that the catalytic converter needs to be replace..cost on this vehicle $2500.00, he doesn’t want to spend the money, he turns off the check engine light, you buy the car drive it for a couple of days, the light comes back on..and look who is stuck with the repair.  We always recommend a pre-buyers inspection to anyone that is buying a pre-owned vehicle no matter who you are buying it from.  We have the ability to tell if the light has been turned off, we inspect every bit of the vehicle so that you know exactly where you stand.  Sometimes this ends up with you not buying the vehicle, sometimes it means giving you the information that you need to get a better price on the vehicle.  Sometimes the cars get a clean bill of health.  In any circumstance it give you the ability to make the decision that is right for you.  As we always say “Knowledge is Power”.


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