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How much does a Tune-Up Cost?

How much does a tune-up cost?  That is one of the hardest questions to answer, and we get asked this several times a week.  Vehicles have changed so much in recent years, all of the computers, sensors, injectors, spark plugs, wires, and other variables, that can affect the runnibility of your car, there is no way for us to give you an accurate cost until we can inspect your vehicle.  If you have a check engine light on, we will need time to diagnose that, and then go from there.  If your vehicle is running rough, with no check engine light on, we will need to inspect your plugs, wires, and fluids to see what the issue is.  If you are having runnability issues, please give us a call at 425-481-1739, and we will get you in as soon as possible.


Spark Plugs

When should I change my spark plugs? Do I need a tune up? Today’s Spark plugs are a longer lasting plug, somewhere between 60-100,000 miles. Though if you wait till the 100k mark you could have some other issues also. Replacing your spark plugs when it is recommended will help your vehicle last longer, get better mileage and be more efficient in the long run.


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