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How much does it cost to replace a water pump?

Ever wonder how much it costs to replace your water pump?  Give us a call for an appointment and we will make sure that your water pump needs to be replaced.  Most of the time we recommend replacing this at the same time as your timing belt, since you will save on labor fees.  If your water pump is leaking, you will want to replace it.  We will need the year, make and model of your vehicle, to be able to give you an accurate estimate.  We can do the estimate at the same time as we are diagnosing your vehicle, if you need to schedule the repair for a different day, we can take of that for you also.


Water Pump

Why do you want me to replace my Water Pump when you are replacing my Timing Belt?   If you look at the diagram your pump is driven by the timing belt. Usually if you change the water pump at the same time you only incur the additional cost of the pump. If you don’t do it at the same time, and your water pump fails you later, you will be paying that same labor cost again.  We want you to maintain your vehicle, for less money not more.
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