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88% of people believe it’s important to have a certified mechanic work on their car* – We agree!


Cert LogosThe individual who works on your car is important and can make a huge difference in the quality of service you receive.  That’s why, as part of Long’s Car Care Center Five-Star Service Philosophy, every mechanic is ASE certified and we work so hard to maintain our AAA approval status.

How do ASE Certified mechanics benefit you?

Knowing your service/repair shop hires ASE Certified mechanics is an ideal way to determine the knowledge and skills of individual technicians. But, what does that really mean?  It means that these individuals have the experience and knowledge (and many attend on-going classes) to pass a difficult national test and they have fulfilled the 2-year work experience requirement, which proves their technical competence to themselves, to their employers, and to their customers. Plus, owners and managers who use certified technicians can are also concerned about the other aspects of their business – that means they’re trustworthy.

Why is having the AAA Approval a value?

Using AAA aproved repair shops means guaranteed, quality service from facilities that meet strict requirements and that offer a full range of services. In short, AAA approved facilities:

  • Meet or exceed AAA’s exacting standards regarding equipment and certified mechanics and have a track record of customer satisfaction.
  • Guarantee service or repairs (under normal conditions) for 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first.
  • Must offer you a written estimate, if requested in advance; return your replaced parts; and have your approval before doing any work beyond the estimate.
  • Agree to let AAA arbitrate any disputes regarding quality of service or repairs.
  • Provide complimentary vehicle inspections at participating facilities.
  • Accept checks under the AAA member guaranteed check acceptance policy

For more information, please read about the AAA Auto Repair Shop Requirements.