Tuesday’s Car Care Tip

Automatic Transmissions:

Nearly 9 out of 10 transmission failures are due to overheating and fluid contamination.  The customers we see the most with transmission problems are not who you might think.  It is more than likely to be the owner of a mini-van or station wagon instead of someone pulling a boat or camper.  Why?  Because today’s transmissions are computer controlled and have far more intricate parts in smaller housings  Cooling of the transmission’s fluid is also downsized all of which leads to more stress placed on the transmission fluid.  Hauling the kids to sports and all of the other things we do with our vehicles actually works the transmission harder than you realize.  With transmission repairs often running over $5,000.00 it makes good sense to maintain your vehicles transmission.  Servicing and flushing the fluids every 30,000 miles will greatly extend the life of you transmission at a fraction of the cost of rebuilding it.


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