Happy Thanksgiving

We just wanted to take a moment to Thank each every one of our amazing customers.  Thank-you for trusting us with the service and repair on your vehicles…it really means the world to us.  We appreciate the relationships that we have developed over the years.  Watching your children grow, learning more about you and your family.  We Thank-you for coming back time and time again.  We want to Thank-you for helping us grow our business by referring your friends and family to us..this truly means so much to us and touches our hearts.  Thank-you for helping us help this community by donating to the causes that we post about…this last one for the victims of the fire in Paradise was over the top!!!  You really helped a community that is totally devastated.  Thank you for your kindness and compassion.  We wish you all a Wonderful Thanksgiving.  We will be closed Thursday and Friday to allow our crew to spend some special time with their families.  Happy Thanksgiving!!


This is a picture of the donations that were collected in just 4 days last week.  Thank-you!!!