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When is the best to Winterize my vehicle?

Do you ever wonder when it is the best time to winterize your vehicles?  The answer is before it gets cold….so right now would be a good time.
Winter is almost here, and you should make sure all preparations are completed for your vehicle so that they can get through the winter without any issues. Check that all coolant levels are between the maximum and minimum markings. You should also be sure to have sufficient anti-freeze. Anti-freeze is just that… It helps make sure your vehicle’s engine will not freeze.  We check this for you every time your vehicle is in the shop, but things can happen, a leaky hose or water pump.  If you’re concerned, or not sure how to check your levels, just give us a call and we will be happy to get you into the shop, and make sure your vehicles are in good shape for winter.


When should I drive with my lights on?

I had a young driver ask me when she should drive with her lights on.  I told her all the time especially this time of year.  It is getting darker earlier, and with the rain and wind it makes it hard to see.  I was driving to work the other morning, it was dark and raining, and a newer car came up behind me with no lights on.  There was no way for me to get is attention, and it bothered me because most new cars will turn on their lights automatically in the dark.  So to be safe and be seen, check your lights.  Have someone walk around you vehicle and make sure all of your lights are working.  Low Beams, High Beams, Brake lights, Turn signals, etc.  Most of these bulbs are easy to replace, but sometimes they are difficult.  If you run into a situation that is difficult, please give us a call and we will get you right in and get those bulbs replaced.  Sometime is can be an electrical issue, so if you change the bulbs and it’s still not working, we can repair that for you also.  We want you to be safe and seen, we are here to help.


How often should I check my oil?

You ever wonder how often you should check the level of your oil?  This is a great question, because the level of your oil is very important to the health of your vehicles engine.  If your car is relatively new, and you are not seeing any drops of oil in your driveway, and when you have your oil changed it isn’t low…maybe every couple of months, just to be on the safe side.  If your vehicle is older, you are seeing oil spots, and it is low when you take it in to get the oil change, we would advise you checking it every time you get fuel.  You don’t want to run your engine out of oil, as this could create catastrophic damage to your engine.  If you are noticing oil leaks, bring it in and let us check and see where the leaks are coming from, and let’s get those nasty leaks repaired.  If this is a vehicle you plan on keeping for a while, repairing the leaks will keep the vehicle in good running condition, and you won’t have to worry about adding oil all the time.  We will be happy to show how to check your oil if you don’t know how.

Unique Christmas Gift.

Are you looking for a unique Christmas gift, for that hard to buy for person in your life.  We have just what you are looking for…Life Time Oil Changes.  Drop on into the shop, we will need to know the year make and model of the special person vehicle, we can then give you the cost of this amazing gift.  For the rest of this special person’s life they will only pay a $5.00 fee (to cover disposal costs) for every oil change for the rest of THEIR life.  If this person purchases a different vehicle, they only have to pay the difference in the package is there is one.  For example, let’s say the vehicle they drive now take 4 quarts of oil, and a regular filter, and they decide to buy a vehicle that requires full synthetic oil, and a special filter, we would figure out the difference in the packages, and they would just pay that.  This package also include free reminders!  So if you know someone that is really busy, and has a lot on their plate, and might upon occasion forget to change the oil in their vehicle this would be the perfect gift for them.

When is it time to change my Brake Pads?

Do you know when it is time to replace your brake pads? Every time your vehicle gets pulled in our shop, we check your brakes so that we can let you know the thickness of your brake pads. When your brake pads reach 3mm (which is about the thickness of 3 dimes), it is time to get them replaced.   There really is no set “time table” for this, as everyone has different driving habits.  People that drive in town with a lot of stop and go traffic are going to wear their brakes out sooner than someone that commutes on the freeway.  This is why we inspect them each and every time your vehicle is in.  This way we can watch the wear, and give you a heads up when the replacement is getting close.  We want to keep you safe and informed.

What is your parts and labor warranty?

Customers often ask us what our warranty is on our parts and labor.  We are very proud to say that we offer a 36month/36kmile nationwide warranty on all of our repairs and maintenance.  So, let’s say you’re on a road trip in California, and a belt breaks that we replaced, you just call the 1-800 number on your invoice, and they will set you up with a tow to a shop that will repair it for you, free of charge.  We strive to do what we can to give our customers peace of mind.  We also understand that the darndest things can happen when you least expect them too, and we want you to be covered.


How much does it cost to replace a water pump?

Ever wonder how much it costs to replace your water pump?  Give us a call for an appointment and we will make sure that your water pump needs to be replaced.  Most of the time we recommend replacing this at the same time as your timing belt, since you will save on labor fees.  If your water pump is leaking, you will want to replace it.  We will need the year, make and model of your vehicle, to be able to give you an accurate estimate.  We can do the estimate at the same time as we are diagnosing your vehicle, if you need to schedule the repair for a different day, we can take of that for you also.


Why is my car Squealing?

I had a customer call and ask “Why is my car squealing?”  I told them that it probably had something to do with their serpentine belt.  Sometimes if the tension isn’t right they will start to squeal, if that’s the case we should be able to correct that issue and the noise will go away.  If it isn’t a tension issue, we may need to replace the belt, and possibly the pulley and the tensioner.  We would need to see the vehicle in order to determine what needs to be done.  So if your vehicle is making a squealing noise, give us a call 425-481-1739, and we will get you into the shop, and take care of that annoying squeal!


Buying a used car in Woodinville

Do you live in Woodinville and are you planning on buying a used car?  If so, please get a pre-buyer’s inspection done, either at our shop, or another shop you trust.  In the next few month, we are going to be seeing a lot of cars that have been damaged in the Hurricanes down south.  This happens whenever there is a bad storm, the vehicles end up all over the country.  They get detailed and look great, but the damage is there, and you need a professional to look at it, before you purchase it. So please give us a call 425-481-1739 and we will be happy to do the inspection for you!


Where can I get my electric windows fixed?

Are your windows stuck up or down, and you are wondering where you can get them fixed?  Well, look no further, we can take care of that for you.  We will need to remove the door panel, and then determine what part has failed.  As soon as we do, we will call you with an estimate for the repair, and also let you know how long we will need your vehicle for.  Most of the time the parts are readily available, but with some, it can take a day or so.  We will gather all of this information before we call you, so that you will know what to expect.  If being without your vehicle is a problem, we do have a loaner car that you are welcome to use at no charge.  So, lets get that window working properly before the rain sets in.