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Why is my battery light on?

Why is my battery light on?” This is a question that we hear from our customers at least once a week. When your battery light comes on, it means there is a problem with your  charging system.   This could be a failed alternator, a broken alternator belt, a bad battery connection, or a bad battery. We won’t know what the problem is until we have a chance to diagnose the problem.  Your vehicle is safe to drive with the battery light on, but you will want to get in to a shop as soon as possible, because  your battery will die soon.   If your battery light is on, give us a call so that we can get your vehicle in, and diagnose your charging system.  We don’t want you to get stranded because your vehicle won’t start, we want you to drive with peace of mind.


How much does an alternator cost?

Are you having issues with your charging system, and you want to know how much an alternator costs?  That’s a fair question, and if you called us and asked, we would tell you that it would be in your best interest to let us diagnose your charging system to get to the root of the problem.  Charging system issues can be as simple as loose connections at the battery, a bad belt, a weak battery, and yes, it could be your alternator not doing it’s job.  We don’t want to spend your money, and install an alternator only to find out it’s something else.  We want to repair it right the first time!!


Battery Health

Is you car a bit harder to start in this colder weather?  If so, it could be that your battery is getting weak.  If you have had the same battery for 4 or more years, it’s a good idea to have it tested to see how strong it still is.  Give us a call for an appointment and we will be happy to check all of your charging system out.  Sometimes it’s not the battery, if it is strong, then it could be that your alternator is not doing it’s job, or a belt may be loose.  In any case, making sure that all components of your charging system are working well is important, you surely don’t want to get stranded in the cold weather.


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