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How often should I check the fluids in my car?

It doesn’t hurt to check your fluids every time you’re getting fuel. Does it need wiper fluid? Maybe it’s low on oil??  Hopefully it’s not low on Coolant…or Transmission Fluid.  These are just some of the fluids that we check each and every time a customer comes into our shop.  If you don’t know how to check these fluids just let us know and we will show you how.  We only see your vehicle 2-3 times a year, it’s always good to know how to check them yourself, as leaks can happen, due to a worn gasket, or a hole in a hose.  Things happen over time, and you want to know what is going on with your vehicle when it happens, so that you can avoid more costly repairs.

How often should I check my oil?

You ever wonder how often you should check the level of your oil?  This is a great question, because the level of your oil is very important to the health of your vehicles engine.  If your car is relatively new, and you are not seeing any drops of oil in your driveway, and when you have your oil changed it isn’t low…maybe every couple of months, just to be on the safe side.  If your vehicle is older, you are seeing oil spots, and it is low when you take it in to get the oil change, we would advise you checking it every time you get fuel.  You don’t want to run your engine out of oil, as this could create catastrophic damage to your engine.  If you are noticing oil leaks, bring it in and let us check and see where the leaks are coming from, and let’s get those nasty leaks repaired.  If this is a vehicle you plan on keeping for a while, repairing the leaks will keep the vehicle in good running condition, and you won’t have to worry about adding oil all the time.  We will be happy to show how to check your oil if you don’t know how.