Night time driving

With winter, comes more time driving in the dark, or near dark.  Now is the time to check out your headlights to make sure you are being seen, and can see as good as possible.  If your headlights are foggy, the light coming from them is going to be dimmer than is recommended.  You won’t see nearly as well as you should, and you won’t be seen as well either.  We can solve this for you by simply buffing out your lenses.  Also…check their alignment pull up in front of your garage at night and turn you headlights on…do they shine straight ahead, or does one and not the other…again something that is quite simply for us to fix, buy doing an adjustment to the alignment of the headlights.  Do they both work???  You want to make sure that both headlights have bulbs that are actually working.  This is a safety issue, as well as an issue that can result in a pesky traffic citation, this is also something that most of the time is a simple fix…some cars are a little more time consuming..but we can let you know how long it will take when we see you!!  Enjoy the winter…and be safe!!


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