Why is my Subaru Running so Rough?

Your Subaru may be running rough because of an engine misfire.  Usually your check engine light will come on when a misfire occurs.  A common issue that we see that is causing the misfre are burnt exhaust valves.  What usually causes a valve to become burnt, worn, or cracked, is excessive heat due to either lack of lubrication or excessive combustion chamber temperature as a result of incorrect fuel mixture.  This usually starts out as a bit of rough running when cold, and this will set a check engine light, wit a cylinder misfire code.  If you are having any of these symptoms?  If so give us a call!  We work on Subarus almost daily, and in fact own one ourselves.  Are mechanics are very well versed in working on them.  So if you are looking for a Subaru Mechanic in Woodinville, give us a call!


Subaru mechanic in Woodinville

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